Better care from infancy to adolescence

From diapers to learning how to drive, our team will help guide your children to a healthy smile and sense of self.

We focus on preventive care to help your child avoid oral issues and keep smiling with carefree ease. Proper oral hygiene and preventive visits are essential as your child grows, so book an appointment today!

If your child’s tooth has been damaged, is here to help with gentle, compassionate care. Getting immediate treatment for oral issues is the best way to get your little one relief from their pain and discomfort, and avoid future complications.

We’ve invested in laser dental tools to keep your child comfortable during common dental procedures. The power and precision of laser tools helps us give your child the best possible dental experience along with the best treatment outcomes.

Dental emergencies are typically painful and never convenient. We want to make sure that all kids have access to quality dental care, especially in an emergency. If your child is experiencing oral pain, call ahead to let us know you’ll be stopping by for an emergency visit!

We ask that you help make your child’s dental cleaning a positive experience by getting them excited and telling them what a good thing it is to take care of their teeth. You may also arrive early and allow your child to hang around the play area for a little bit to get them accustomed to the setting.

If you believe that your child has tongue ties or lip ties in Ashland, Timber Kids Dentistry is here to help. Thanks to our investment in , our dentists can offer fast, minimally invasive, painless frenectomies to treat tongue and lip ties.

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