Timber Kids Dentistry loves Children

Children are the absolute best!!!!

Our team at Timber Kids Dentistry align with the goals of all parents…to ensure every child is healthy, happy and supported!  As a parent myself, I know that every decision regarding your child has added stress and emotion.  The responsibility of helping to ensure safety and health for children is not something I take lightly; and just like you, I want the best for your child!

I’m often asked the question, “What makes you want to work with children every day?”…and the answer is simple.  Children are the purest form of human beings.  They display unguarded emotions and true feelings with everything they do.  Is there anything better than seeing a child with a look of pure joy on their face?!?  Or even better, watching a child learn something new or overcome a fear?  As a pediatric dentist, I get to experience that every day!!!

Thank you to all the parents and children that have allowed me to be your pediatric dentist!

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