The Best Toothbrushes For Children – What You Should Look For

What’s the best toothbrush for children? The simple answer is “the one they like to use!” As long as they consistently brush their teeth properly, it doesn’t really matter what type of toothbrush they use.

But there are a few things you still may want to keep in mind while you choose a toothbrush with your child. And before we get into it, we do highly recommend that you let your child choose their own brush at the store! Kids like making decisions, and they may be more excited about brushing if they choose their own brush. 

That’s out of the way, so let’s get into our recommendations. What type of toothbrushes do we recommend for kids at Timber Kids Dentistry? We recommend that you look for models that have the following features.

1. Soft Bristles And A Diamond-Shaped Head

The softer the bristles, the better. Kids have a tendency to brush pretty hard, so soft and gentle bristles will ensure they don’t overbrush, which could cause damage to their teeth and gums over time.

A diamond-shaped head is also recommended. A narrow top and bottom will help your child brush between their gums and teeth more effectively. Round heads, like those found on electric toothbrushes, are also a good choice.

2. A Comfortable, Easy-To-Grasp Handle

Most child’s toothbrushes have large, ergonomic handles. These help your child get a good grip on their toothbrush and clean their teeth more effectively. Adult toothbrushes tend to have thinner handles, and may be hard for young kids to use properly. 

3. Fun Characters And Colors

Who doesn’t want to brush their teeth with Spider-Man, Elsa, or another of their favorite pop culture characters? Most toothbrush manufacturers have children’s brushes that feature licensed and original characters with fun, eye-catching designs. Letting your child pick out one of these brushes will make them more likely to brush regularly! 

4. Sound, Lights, And Other Extras That Make Brushing Fun

Most children’s electric toothbrushes have features like sounds, lights, and even the ability to play songs through the vibration of the toothbrush on your child’s teeth. 

These are definitely not necessary for your child’s oral health, of course, but these features can make brushing more fun and enjoyable for your child, so that’s something to consider if you have a hard time getting them to brush! 

5. A Timer To Help With Brushing 

You can always set your own timer, of course, but some toothbrushes, particularly electric models, use an audible timer or a vibration-based timer to let your child know when to move on and brush the next part of their mouth, and when they’ve brushed their teeth for 2 minutes. This can be particularly helpful if your child tends to rush through their brushing routine. 

Don’t Forget Your Child’s Six-Month Visits To The Dentist!

At-home oral hygiene is essential for your little one’s oral health, but so are twice-yearly visits at Timber Kids Dentistry. During your child’s oral exam and teeth cleaning, their pediatric dentist will ensure their mouth is healthy. Their dentist can also explain important oral hygiene concepts, and provide you with tips and advice on how to maintain their oral health. 

So don’t wait. Whether your child is overdue for an appointment in Ashland, you’re new to the area, or they haven’t yet had their first dentist appointment, we’re here to help. Contact us online to get started.

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