How To Manage Your Child’s Dental Anxiety – 5 Helpful Strategies

Most kids don’t look forward to going to the dentist, but some children feel especially anxious and nervous about their six-month appointments. If your child has dental anxiety, there are a few steps you can take to make things easier for them and for you when you visit Timber Kids Dentistry. Read on for more information.

1. Establish Good Brushing Habits & Learn About Dentistry

Good brushing habits are important for reducing the risk of cavities as your child grows, which means they’re less likely to need fillings or crowns. Making sure your child brushes properly and maintains good oral hygiene also helps emphasize the importance of good oral care.

In addition, consider reading some children’s books or watching videos about dentistry and oral hygiene. Child-friendly media about dentistry can help your child learn more about the subject in an approachable, fun way.

2. Always Stay Positive & Don’t Use “Trigger Words”

Kids are sensitive to how others feel. They will be able to tell if you feel anxious, tense, or negative. So do your best to stay positive before a dentist’s appointment. Maintain a good attitude, and never use common “trigger words” like “shot” or “hurt.”

If you feel calm and positive about your child’s visit, they’ll be a lot less likely to be anxious and nervous, so take a few deep breaths and relax. Everything will turn out just fine.

3. Plan To Do Something Fun After Their Appointment

You can take your kid to get a new toy, for a day out at the park, or to their favorite restaurant for a kid’s meal. Doing something fun after the dentist gives them something to look forward to and builds positive associations with dentistry.

4. Bring A Comfort Item Like A Toy Or Blanket 

If your child has a favorite toy, stuffed animal, blanket, or other item, bring it with you to the dentist’s office and let them hold onto it while they wait for their appointment and when they're in the dentists’ chair. This can help them feel more comfortable and at ease, since they’ll have a piece of home with them at their dental appointment. 

5. Consider Laughing Gas To Help With Fear & Anxiety

Laughing gas is a great choice for kids of all ages. There are no needles or pills required. Your child will just wear a mask, breathe deeply, and feel more calm, relaxed, and happy during their appointment.

The effects wear off within minutes after your appointment, and it’s 100% safe for kids, so laughing gas may be a good option if your child is very nervous, or you just want to make sure they feel safe and comfortable during a procedure at Timber Kids Dentistry.

Got An Anxious Child? Timber Kids Dentistry Is Here To Help!

At Timber Kids Dentistry, our dental team is here to help your child get the care they need for a healthy mouth. Our board-certified pediatric dentists provide expert dental care and sedation dentistry in Ashland.

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