Braces for Children: Everything You Need to Know

Getting braces is sometimes necessary to make sure your child’s teeth grow straight and in their most optimal position. Still, both parents and children can have a lot of questions about braces, and maybe even wonder why they are a necessity.

This blog post will quickly go over everything you and your child need to know about braces, and whether they are a good option to address your child’s long-term dental health. To learn more about pediatric braces, please visit us at Timber Kids Orthodontics.

Why Do Kids Need Braces?

Braces are necessary for many different reasons:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Issues with the bite (overbite, underbite, etc.)

These issues don’t just affect the appearance of the teeth, but also the way your child talks or how well they can chew the food. If they can’t chew correctly, over time this can even lead to stomach problems as their tummy needs to work harder to break down unchewed food.

If you take your child to the dentist frequently, their dentist can spot any of these issues before they make a greater impact on the child’s health, and begin a treatment plan to correct issues with their bite and tooth alignment.

In fact, it’s recommended to take the child to see an orthodontist as soon as their first adult teeth begin to grow. This doesn’t mean the child will be put in braces right away, but it can help stop certain issues in time.

What’s the First Orthodontist Visit Like?

The orthodontist will first examine your child’s teeth to identify the key issues they are dealing with. The child might need to bite the teeth together so the dentist can inspect the tooth alignment and bite.

You’ll likely be asked some questions about your child’s chewing, like if they notice their jaw popping or if they’ve even had problems chewing some foods. In some cases, the orthodontist may want to take x-rays of your child’s mouth or make a mold of their teeth to get a better view of how they align.

My Child Needs Braces. Now What?

If your child needs braces, the orthodontist will recommend a treatment plan that’s suitable to address the key issues with their teeth.

The orthodontist will recommend the type of braces for your child, such as traditional metal braces, clear aligners, or even other devices, like headgear to be worn at night. You can expect several routine appointments where the orthodontist makes sure the aligning process goes as expected.

Other than this, it is mostly a matter of at-home care. Your orthodontist will provide some care tips based on the devices used to straighten the child’s teeth.

Timber Kids Dentistry Is Here for Your Child

If you think your child needs braces, we are ready to assist them. Book an appointment with Timber Kids Dentistry now and let our caring team of doctors help.

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